How to Identify a Fake Matrimonial Profile

You can check out a suitable life partner today through matrimonial sites but there are a lot Fake Matrimonial Profile. Thousands of online matrimonial and dating websites have sprouted globally. These have thousands of people looking out for a bride or groom on the marriage sites, including parents.

It’s not an easy task to find a partner through matrimonial sites. When you create your profile on your matrimonial sites, you will be deluged with many proposals, especially if you are a woman. But if truth be told, most of them are inconsequential and there are spammers galore. But there are reputed marriage sites that help their clients find the perfect partner.

When you are searching for a partner through online matchmaking sites, you should know how to filter the genuine from the fake matrimonial profile. Numerous users create profiles with false information or use some other people’s details and these people are not even aware of it. Since this is misleading online matchmaking sites can be very vulnerable to this sort of fraud. And you should always do a PRE-MARRIAGE BACKGROUND CHECK .

How can you tell an original from a fake matrimonial profile?

  1. False profile information
    You can identify fake profiles on the marriage bureau by screening the information there. A person describes their profile description with truth. Before initiating a chat with the prospective groom or bride, look through his or her profile. A smart profile description is well-written, precise and conveys exact details. You should check their education, background, their place of domicile, family details and carry out a thorough private reference check too.One tried and tested way of creating a fraud matrimonial profile is by copying and pasting from another user’s profile.  A fake user can say he or she is a doctor in the profile description but then mention other lies or half truths in other parts of the profile.
  2. The profile has no photo
    Scammers usually upload fake photos or no photos at all. They could upload the picture of a model or a good-looking person that they are not. This way they make good impressions, get many responses and are ignored for a screening from the matchmaking site’s scrutiny. Fake users never expose their faces on matrimony sites and hesitate to come on video chats. You should not approach them if you see a profile without a picture. Google their pictures to check if their image shows up at all.There will be well-written bio data but it will be wildly blown up and exaggerated. You must report them to the marriage bureau if you get an express interest from them.
  3. There is no social media presence
    Once you contact any prospective profile, look into their social media profiles to legitimise their identity. Now everyone has a profile on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and their details can be verified and much can be said about their privateity, choices, friends and general activities. If they don’t have any social media profiles, you should ask them upfront and check out their posts, activities, comments and understand if they are serious about matrimony. Accounts with no activity or a small number of followers can be fake too.
  4. They never involve their family.
    Spammers don’t reveal details about their familyOn matrimonial sites, fake profiles don’t involve their families. If you probe them about it, they will probably say they will themselves talk about marriage matters themselves. In Indian culture, we love to get parents involved before making any serious decisions in life.It is necessary to know someone’s family background when we are about to embark on a long-lasting relationship  with them. If a prospective bride or groom doesn’t talk about their family, be suspicious about them.
  5. Fraudsters on matrimonial sites become intimate too fast
    Fake people express their love too soon without knowing everything about you. While they respond fast to your interests, they delay things if you inquire after them. If they eagerly ask you to reveal details about your salary, bank accounts or anything that’s do with finance.If they ask too may private questions that you are not comfortable expressing, or ask to meet you too soon, don’t agree to meet them until you are comfortable.
  6. Racketeers look to make a quick buck from matrimonial sites
    Fraudsters are omnipresent on matrimonial sites to grab money. With fake profiles, they urge you to part with your cash. Don’t proffer any financial aid to prospective bride or groom under any circumstances. When your prospective partner asks for money using health problems or financial distress as an excuse, it is better contact with them immediately. Vulgar or explicit profiles should be avoided as they can get you banned from matrimonial sites.

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